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Social Center will be your navigational tool for everything pertaining to your event(s). Within Social Center, you will have the ability to create, edit and review your event(s), as well as have access to live data on how your event is doing.  Thinking of putting together an extended length tour with multiple events? Social Center will allow you to create tours and track them along each step of the way. Social Center will make your interactive experience powerful, fast and easy. 

Branding and Content Delivery

Content is sent out to users by Social Center via email or SMS with your client's custom branding on it. Have a player appearance or a unique time during your activation? You can change the sharing messaging at a moment notice during the event to be specific to what's happening at that moment!

You will have access to real-time statistics and analytics of how your event is going. By logging into Social Center, you will be able to see media captured, share rates, downloads, microsite views and much much more.

Real-Time Content Moderation

All of your event's content will be at your fingertips in real-time to view and send examples to your client. Utilizing a mosaic or some type of slide show? You will have access to a moderation portal where you will be able to approve or reject images. As soon as you hit approve, they will instantly show up on the mosaic or slideshow. 

Don't worry, you are safe with us! We follow all the industry-leading privacy measures (GDRP, CCPA, etc.). All users receive an encrypted link to their media and all data is stored on our encrypted offsite server. 

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