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Social Booth is built on one simple principle - make awesome stuff. We are a wholly-owned division of  sbExperiential a boutique agency that knows how to be creative, have fun and build great products. Our team has also come from agencies, living and breathing the agency life. We know what it takes to play ball with some of the biggest agencies and brands and deliver. For example, with our industry-first social sharing platform, Social Center, we are able to deliver definitive ROI data to our clients in a clear and presentable format in real-time.


Officially founded by Blair in 2011, sbExperiential was already years in the making as his agency work exposed the severe lack of creativity and technology in the day-to-day activations of large companies. Most companies did not have budgets for the high priced, one-time use technology that large firms had to offer, while the small local vendors were not able to produce a reliable, professional product that these companies demanded.

Enter Social Booth. Once the concept of the original Social Booth Party was finally built (fondly named SB1 - RIP), the world’s greatest people person and business development extraordinaire, Tyler, and the cross the “t” dot the “i” superpowers of Kelley came along for the ride and it was game on. News traveled quickly and a couple of events and eight weeks later we were at SXSW Interactive and the rest is history.

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