US Olympic Committee Road to Rio Tour

As part of a year long kick off to the 2016 Rio games, the US Olympic Committee toured the country to build support and excitement for the Summer Olympics in Brazil. On the “Road to Rio Tour”,  Social Booth, LLC was asked to provide numerous digital experiences associated with the tour.

We created a series of digital experiences that all tied into one "story." The experiences included:

  • RFID registration/sharing system

  • Custom registration "pods"

  • Multiple green screen photo opportunities

  • A Paralympic racing wheelchair

  • A custom long-jump capture

Attendees would register themselves at the custom registration flowers and receive their RFID bracelet from a brand ambassador. This RFID bracelet would be used at all of the sharing stations to collect the users photos. Once a user completed all of the experiences onsite, their photos would be combined, branded and placed into a digital photo album. The photo album would be sent directly to the method used at registration (Email, SMS, Facebook). Photo experiences consisted of:

  • Holding the 1996 Olympic Torch on the beach of Rio (Green-screen)

  • High Jump in the olympic arena (Green-screen)

  • High Dive into the olympic pool (Green-screen)

  • Long Jump in front of custom backdrop 

Users also had a chance to try and beat the Olympic Record for 100m's in a wheelchair. ‚Äč




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