Marriot Marriott & Starwood Merger

In a way to showcase Marriott's merger with Starwood Hotels, Marriott looked to make a bold statement. The concept consisted of taking over Rockefeller Center, creating a newsworthy stunt, and provide fans with the chance to win trips to select Marriott & Starwood properties.    

Social Booth created the concept of a large World Map that listed all of the current Marriott & Starwood properties and a unique way for attendees to register, select their location and attempt to win their free trip. We successfully turned Rockefeller Center into one large interactive map!

over 50 computers

8,000 feet of cable


Understanding the client request, we at Social Booth went to work. Attendees registered, using their Marriott rewards account, at custom fabricated registration kiosks where they activated their RFID incorporated "Pin".  Once users received their pin, they stepped onto the World Map and placed their pin on their desired location. Once their pin was set on their desired location, the RFID system determined if their location was a winning location. If the location was not a winning location, Social Booth's custom built system logged the chosen location and sent the user information about local Marriott & Starwood properties and services available. If their their location was a winning selection, an LED ring of lights illuminated and an audible message played stating that they were a winner!




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