The ability to interact with physical objects using a smartphone, tablet or other digital device is an exciting way to impress and engage your target demographic. If you can think of it, we can create it. Tweet to fire off a paintball gun, hashtag a photo on Instagram to drop a product out of a vending machine, send coordinates to a catapult via text... no problem. Get ready to “up your game”, it's all doable and it's glorious. Check out just a few of our recent creations below.

Using RFID technology, we are able to capture and connect multiple events by syncing consumer registration to content capture and data collection. Using our backend system and servers, we are able to work both online or offline providing clients and participants little to no interruption, no matter the conditions and/or internet connection. 

Looking to showcase your event in a big way? If so, SB Wall is the way to go!  Whether you want a heat-map fueled by Facebook shares, a live Twitter feed, or a mosaic of your entire event’s photos, the SB Wall can handle it all. The SB Wall can be as big or as small as you desire and by utilizing the SB Wall outside or in a large convention center insures that anyone, near or far, can see your activation. Our completely customizable backend provides opportunities to track social media shares, monitor live twitter feeds, and approve any photos for display.

SB Wall


SB Vend is Social Booth’s all-inclusive photo capture and prize distribution device.  After the user shares their photo on our custom share app the vending machine is triggered to dispense a prize. SB Vend provides clients with the opportunity to fully interact with their audience and have them be the creator of their own luck.  It can be branded on all sides and can even include branded pillow boxes for participants to remember their experience long after they have left the activation space.

SB Vend


A fun way to liven up any activation. The Football Challenge gives fans the chance to show off their skills while having the challenge of being timed. By combing accuracy and speed, the Football Challenge is enjoyable for all; participants, on-lookers and even staff. Not a football fan, but have another idea in mind? Let us know, this experience is customizable!


SB Football Challenge

RFID Platform


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