Bank of America MLB All-Star Game

Once at registration, fans created a "Players Card" with their name and favorite team logo. After completion of registration, fans chose from one of three personalized experiences to interactive with; Fans could test their knowledge at the Three Pitch Challenge, the Memory Station or the MemoryBank Vaults.


The three pitch challenge was trivia game that incorporated MLB All-Star memories. Fans swiped their Player Card to activate the game and answer three questions. At the end of the game, fans were informed of how many correct answers and points that they earned.


At the Memory Station, fans would pick one of six pre-populated memories. They then used the provided microphone to share their experiences into the video booth where they would then share said memory at the sharing kiosks. Fans were given the option of sharing through Email, Facebook, Twitter or even SMS. 


Lastly, the MemoryBank Vaults themselves. Using their player card, fans would swipe at the Vault station. If their card was the winning card, the door would electronically trigger using, open and reveal your prize.


Fans would then take their player card to the rewards deck to check out and earn their prize, ultimately ending their experience.

We created four interactive experiences throughout the footprint, starting with a completely custom registration process. Fans would then use the customized card throughout the activation footprint to collect points that would ultimately earn them a prize upon check-out. These experiences consisted of;

  • Baseball Trivia Game (which our development team built from the ground up) 

  • Sharing of a personal memory  

  • Winning a prize at the MemoryBank Vaults

  • Customized points tracking system

All of the experiences tied into the baseball and MemoryBank theme that was provided to  us by the client.

In support of Bank of America’s season-long MLB Memories Campaign, Social Booth was asked to create a fun interactive experience for fans at the 2016 MLB All-Star Game.




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